Monday, May 25, 2015

Soothing somatic pathways with awareness and kindness

The path of love is alive.

No matter how hopeless, sad, depressed, anxious, hopeless, or frightened you are, you are in the exact right place to take the next step – into the center of being. Rather than see your current experience as a mistake which must urgently be corrected, you can surround yourself with presence and with warmth, and breathe into the aliveness of your tender, achy heart. You can infuse the pathways of your nervous system with slow, soothing awareness and kindness… right now. Everything you are meeting now is valid, is none other than the path itself, and contains important information for your journey.

In the radiance of the here and now, no matter how lost, confused, or neurotic you dream yourself to be, you can cut into billions of mind-moments of abandoning yourself, dissolving the ancient conclusion that something is wrong with you, that you have failed, and your immediate experience must quickly be understood, changed, shifted, transformed, or ‘healed’ by spiritual process. You can end the war. Now.

While it may appear you are longing for a ‘solution’ to your life situation – for some shift in the external world, in another, or the return to some constructed state of invulnerability and solid ground – discover that you are only ever longing for your own presence. When your emotional world is on fire or you have entered the flatland of the psyche, you need yourself more than ever. Please stay close.

Nothing is missing, you are not broken, and that love has never, ever left you. Inside your confusion, buried in the core of the not-knowing, hidden in the soil of the hopelessness is pure being – your heart, your warmth, your tenderness, and your care for others and for this world. You are longing for just one moment of all of you. Dare to see that you are okay and that you are fully alive. Not in the future one day when more grace has come or you become ‘awakened’ or ‘raise your vibration’ any of that. Only now.

There is no grace coming in the future, no awakening around the corner, and no love tomorrow. Only now.

Photo by Richard Drake