Saturday, May 2, 2015

Resting from a weary, worn out search

At times, the journey of ‘healing’ can feel so exhausting. You are cosmically tired, weary and worn out from an ancient struggle to be something other than you are.
But what if you were never ‘unhealed’?

If you will take the risk that pure, fierce, transmuting love is inviting in each and every radiant here and now moment, you may discover something much more alive than ‘healing.’
Your sensitivity, your vulnerability, your raging somatic landscape… pathways of pure wisdom essence.

If you will send your awareness, your kindness, and your presence into what is arising within you now, you will be flooded with the mystery of this rare star world. Love is not asking you to ‘heal’ but to hold – provide a holding field for your present, embodied experience as it swirls out of the body of the beloved, and rest from the weary, worn out search.

Art by Jenna Martin