Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Please honor what is moving inside you

It is so tempting to assign a label to waves of intensity as they surge in your raw, ripening nervous system, washing through into your sensitive, tender body.

“Oh, I know what this is” – this is ‘sadness,’ this is ‘heartbreak,’ this is ‘rage,’ this is ‘confusion.’ Or, if you’re a bit more ‘spiritual’ – it’s ‘kundalini,’ it’s the ‘powerful light of the Divine,’ it’s the ‘dark night of the soul,’ and so forth.

But you do not know what ‘this’ is – for ‘this’ is holy, untamed, and totally unprecedented. You are a raging firestorm of open creativity.

You have never, ever met this wave before. It is wild love, taking a new form and seeking your body, your cells, and your heart as its crucible and vessel.

Descend underneath the storyline and rest your presence in pure aliveness. You are so vast – and contain the stars.

Please honor what is moving inside you.