Friday, May 22, 2015

Pathways of outrageous compassion and transmuting intelligence

When you can no longer find any ground in which to rest, you are standing at the portal to the sacred world. While the mind may spin and urgently seek relief, it is possible to fully relax into the groundlessness, infuse it with warmth, and oxygenate it with particles of raw, alive kindness.

From the perspective of the mind, groundlessness is terrifying for there is nothing left to hold onto, no solid resting place left from which you are able to organize your experience. But from within the tender mandala of the heart, it is a pure, raging reflection of your true nature, and of just how open it really is here.

Your body is a wisdom-factory and contains pathways of outrageous compassion and transmuting intelligence. What you are is love but this love is utterly beyond belief and will never be known or resolved by conceptual process.

The rest you are longing for will never be found in the weary journey of self-improvement, for it is what you already are.