Sunday, May 10, 2015

Opening a portal to Mother

Let us keep all mothers in our hearts today, providing for them a holding environment of tender love, in which they can rest and be nourished.

By way of the beloved and the illuminated womb of creation, they have offered their essence to become a vessel bringing forth the greatest gift of all – that of life. Through the caverns of raging, pure grace, a rare, blessed opportunity has been given to make the sacred human journey, in a realm where love is alive.

Please do not mistake this for an ordinary matter. For it is one of high-voltage blessing – that same energy that keeps the stars from falling out of the sky.

No matter what your relationship has been or is now with your mother in the physical world, you can open a portal to her – and connect with her through an umbilical cord of pure light, for the bond with her is beyond time and space. In just one moment of awakened presence the heart of the mother and your little heart are one.

As the Tibetans believe, each being we encounter has at one time been our mother, and has shown us the most profound kindness, care, and compassion; willing to give her life so that we may come into being. 

May all mother-beings everywhere receive an outpouring of blessings on this day. May their hearts and their bodies be bathed in love, and may they come to know directly, even for a moment, how precious they truly are.