Saturday, May 16, 2015

A pathway of wisdom and revelation

No matter how far away you feel you are, or how neurotic, or how depressed, or how anxious, or how angry, or how sad… the next step is always the same. Surround your immediate experience with your presence and your warmth. Reaffirm the ancient vow you once made to never abandon yourself. Everything that is arising now is valid, is workable, and is a pathway of wisdom and revelation.

Each moment of your life is an invitation to give yourself to this, over and over and over again. Each person that appears is the beloved in disguise, each color one of the emissaries of tenderness, each fragrance an envoy of luminosity – all sent from the beyond to remind you of something important you had forgotten about the nature of love.

There is no end to the revelations of your one, raw heart. For it is your eternal home.

Art by Roman Velichko