Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Rest inside this temple

At times, you may be asked to stay close to another who has been touched by the darkness within, feeling irretrievably lost as they fall apart in front of you. Will you stay close as the intelligence of their process unfolds, and trust in their innate wakefulness?

To be with another in this way you must provide a wisdom home for everything that is unresolved within you – a sanctuary of kindness and space for the metabolization of your own unmet sadness, abandoned shame, discarded grief, and deserted aloneness.

In the offering of safe passage for the sacredness of their journey, you must release your agenda that they 'change,' that they're 'cured,' transformed, or even 'healed' – at least for a moment. And resist the temptation to talk them out of their lived, embodied experience, to tell them everything will be okay or otherwise, and to refuse to pathologize their emotional world simply because it does not conform to your own.  
It is this very alive space between that is the creative temple of love, where an essence-secret is continuously being revealed: there is no 'other,' there has never been an 'other, and there could never be an 'other.' There is only the reflection of your own being.

Rest on this new day inside this temple. 

Artist unknown – photo via Belsebuub