Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Pure energy

If you will send your awareness and your love into the core of whatever emotion is arising – infusing its core with your tender care and presence – you may discover it is pure energy. 

If you abandon and disembody to the burning within, you will lose contact with this energy, and all of the gifts it has to offer. 

Photo by Chris Lofqvist – Let there be light – Nudgee Beach, Queensland, Australia


  1. It must be a safe place, the orphans seem to want to stay for awhile. Staying with the sadness. As always, thank you, Matt. Anne Legros

    1. It's nice to hear from you, Anne. The invitation at least the way I have come to see it is to stay very close to the actual sensations in your body that we have come to call 'sadness.' Give them room to breathe, oxygenate them, allow them safe passage. But not so close that you fuse with them, merge with them, become lost and overwhelmed in them, and identify that movement as 'who I am.' Look carefully and see that there is no 'sad one.' There is only the movement of belief/ narrative, intense feelings and emotions, and very alive sensations in the body. As we are willing - gradually and over time, with tremendous kindness - to stay with the burning, it will metabolize and liberate on it's own. It's a simple path, in many ways, but most certainly not an 'easy' one. Lots of love.

    2. Thank you Matt. Anne