Monday, March 30, 2015

At times, old dreams may fall away...

At times, answers will come
to your questions,
and at other times
confusion will dawn.

At times, old dreams will fall away,
to make room for new forms of love
and creativity inside you.

It can be astonishing to realize
that everyone and everything here
is being uniquely arranged
out of the unseen
for your sacred illumination.

Photographer unknown

1 comment:

  1. Dear Matt, today there is this lingering joy, it rises up in the Heart and always begins with a feeling of offering it all to God. Of course that starts me laughing aloud, as if God needs for it all to be given. Still, the joy at that sense of not being in control is very real. It seems to lighten the burden of a sense of having to do whilst in the same breath it leaves me with, the question answered as, I am only here to serve. On facebook today I visited many virtual friends and some lengthy discourses were there on the nature of I and 'death'. What I noticed was that when I came to your page there was this immediate vastness and peace, a lightness of being. This is the Heart my iinner voice cried out. It is distinguished from the mind by its serenity and acceptance of what Is. It doesn't engage into mental functioning even though it appears through the medium of words as having intellectual understanding. It is emotional intelligence, it flowers so effortlessly. I remain humble for your beauty hidden in your writings, today it's transparent this hidden quality. In that Light, With joy. Thank you for your Gifts.