Monday, March 2, 2015

An intimate playground of tender awareness

When an unwanted guest arrives in the vastness of your heart – whether sadness, rage, shame, or grief – listen carefully for an ancient invitation: will you care for this one and infuse it with your presence? Will you hold it close as you would a little one longing for just one moment of your love? 

The next time you are greeted with an uninvited visitor, see the habitual movement to deny it or act it out, to avoid it or get hooked into its compelling narrative of urgency and escape. Stay close, right in the middle – offer an intimate playground of tender awareness for the energy to dance inside the vastness that you are. Before you turn away – concluding it is an enemy from the outside, a barrier to the path, and evidence that you have failed – offer just one moment of safe passage. 

As you cultivate the willingness to provide sanctuary to the burning within, you do so not just for yourself, but for all beings everywhere, as well as for the precious earth herself. For when you lay a new groove of self-care and compassion in your own miracle nervous system, it is simultaneously reflected in the mud and the soil and the oceans and the stars. 

And as you return over and over and over again, to kindness and to space, you may be astonished as you notice your struggle with life falling away on its own. 

Artist unknown