Saturday, January 24, 2015

Seeing with eyes found inside your heart

At times, answers will come to your questions and your longing will be met. At other times, only more burning, more confusion, with no resolution in sight. Along the ancient path of the heart, old dreams must fall away in order to make room for new forms of love and creativity inside you. Dare to see that nothing has gone wrong.

While it is natural to prefer clarity over uncertainty, it would appear the beloved has no such bias. She has come with a retinue of guides of the unknown, to open the secret caverns within you. See that no mistake has been made. The path is everywhere.

It can be astonishing to realize that everyone and everything here is being uniquely arranged for your illumination and unfolding. While you may never understand this blueprint with your mind, look carefully and you will see it with eyes found inside your heart.

 Photo by Greg Boratyn