Saturday, January 31, 2015

Into the portal of direct revelation

The longing, the burning, and the emotions that are surging now are not mistakes which must be corrected via spiritual process. They are not obstacles on your path, but are the very essence of the path itself. From the perspective of the mandala of confusion, there is chaos, disorganization, and break down. But from within the mandala of the beloved, it is pure cohesion, seamless integration, and unprecedented creativity. For you have stepped into the portal of direct revelation.

There are pathways of somatic wisdom being unlocked inside you that contain very important information for your journey. If you will provide safe haven for the aliveness within, you will meet the non-ordinary messengers of the heart. They are laying new neural grooves of love in your cell tissue at all times, harbingers of integration come to reveal the wholeness that is the signature of this dimension.

Nothing is missing, nothing is out of place, nothing need be sent away. Inside your body, in the center of your emotions, in the core of your present experience the sacred world is wild and alive. You are the heartbeat of the beloved. Slow way down. Recognize it. Feel it. Allow it. Infuse it with your just one moment of loving awareness. You have been brought to right here and right now, for this.

Art by Lyse Marion