Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The traveler of integration

It is natural to look to the beloved to provide a road map as to what is next – and into the tender terrain of your ripe body and tender heart. But he will never provide you with this – for he simply loves you too much. She will never stop holding you and providing material for the journey, however this may always be in ways the mind will never understand. 

While so much is uncertain, groundless, and has fallen away, one thing remains clear: you will never be satisfied with being partially here, with a partial opening of your heart, or with being a partial lover. For your nature is that of a wild wholeness. You are a traveler of integration, breaking open and weaving particles of dark and of light, seeding cohesion inside and in the mandala around you. 

It may seem you are stuck, that you are blocked, and that nothing is happening. From the perspective of the mind and the known, this is accurate and valid – and can be honored as relative truth. You are being asked to rest. But from within the particles of love, you are being rewired and re-ordered – crafted into a vessel of power and kindness, so that your gifts may flow seamlessly here. 

You are neither the blocked one, nor the flowing one, but rather that pure, creative space in which each of these disguises of the beloved may dance and play with the phenomenal world. Though the movement of the beloved is infinitely sweet and holding, in its essence it is everything. It is devastating as it is the end of one world, and glorious as it is the beginning of another.