Monday, December 15, 2014

The path is everywhere

There will be times, as a sensitive human being, when you are greeted by a coloring of disconnection; where waves of loneliness, confusion, and uncertainty are washing in to your raw, tender nervous system. 

Others are not seeing you as you are. The world is not holding and supporting you. All the old dreams – about love, about intimacy, about your 'life purpose,' about what matters – it's all falling away, dissolving into vast, empty space. And is being replaced by... nothing. Not yet.

In this time of groundlessness and bardo, will you meet the disconnected one? Hold the sad one close? Provide sanctuary for the confused one? Enter into intimate communion with the uncertain one? For these ones, too, are wild grace, come in disguise to show you something about the uncompromising, unrelenting, and massively creative nature of love. Please do not abandon these allies of the heart, sending them off as orphans into a lonely desert. 

It can take everything to trust in the surging intelligence of your present experience, exactly as it is arising now – to dare consider that no mistake has been made and that you are not being asked to 'change,' 'transform,' 'shift,' or 'heal'... anything.

While it may seem that your experience is working against you, that it has taken the other side, and something must urgently be done... things are not always as they appear. Slow way down, pause for a moment, touch the earth, look up into the sky, attune to the breath that is moving in and out of you. Take a look and see. The path is everywhere.