Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Safe passage for the emissaries of integration

There are pieces of you wandering out in the wilderness of the heart. They are dancing in empty, luminous space, longing for your presence. Do you sense them nearby?

Your old friends sadness and shame, your faithful lover loneliness, and your primordial ally unlovability – seeking just one moment of your fiery compassionate presence. Even your ancient companions panic, fear, anxiety, and despair... they, too, have arrived in the translucent here and now.  

For love has assembled them all for an extraordinary meeting.

Will you gather these fellow travelers and hold them close? Will you provide safe passage for the emissaries of integration? Will you provide a golden sanctuary for the allies of wholeness?

Right in the middle is the secret essence. Rest there and see that your lovers are appearing everywhere, calling you into union with all things. 

Photo of the ever-lovely Monika Nataraj