Saturday, December 6, 2014

Releasing nectar from her center

At times, answers will come to your questions, and at other times confusion will dawn. At times, old dreams will fall away, to make room for new forms of love and creativity inside you.

While it is natural to prefer clarity over uncertainty, the beloved has no such bias. She has come with her retinue of guides of the unknown, to open the secret places within you.

The most special envoy of the beloved is the moon when she is full, releasing nectar from her center which carries the transmission of lunar healing. Tender heartache, raw burning melancholy, causeless joy, and waves of untamed bliss. Feel these ancient ones as they drip out of the moon and into your ripening body.

It can be astonishing to realize that everyone and everything here is being uniquely arranged out of the unseen for your sacred illumination. 

Photo by Dani Ovando