Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Inside an alchemical sanctuary of light

It can be exhausting to meet the unceasing demands from the spiritual superego to 'surrender', to let go, to accept, to forgive, or to cultivate any particular stance toward your experience. Perhaps this is not the invitation that is being offered to you now, but rather to meet whatever arises with kindness, with care, with curiosity, and with loving attention. 

When you remove the burden to change, shift, transform, or 'heal' yourself and your experience, you are able to finally make contact with it and to allow it to metabolize organically within the vast field of awareness that you are. By doing so, you cut into billions of moments where you have unconsciously concluded that the mere presence of sadness, grief, confusion, non-acceptance, rage, anger, and jealousy is clear and convincing evidence that something has gone wrong and must urgently be corrected. 

But as we step into the burning and unbearably alive crucible of the beloved, we cannot locate any sort of 'mistake' or problem. Only space. And kindness... in which your experience may be recycled into the body of the beloved – and sent back out into the stars in pure form. In this alchemical sanctuary of light, the unlovable one is nowhere to be found. The flawed, damaged, and unworthy one has evaporated into essence-particles of love and creativity. 

Inside the mandala of the beloved we watch as our very vibrant feelings, emotions, and bodily sensations naturally take care of themselves when a home is offered for them. We stand by in awe as they liberate on their own when safe passage is provided for their unfolding and illumination. Our interference, interpretation, understanding, and application of process were never required. 

And as we come to rest in the center, one of the transmutative secrets of the beloved is revealed: it is only in the abandonment of our present embodied experience that suffering can take root and flower in this world.