Friday, December 5, 2014

Holding the translucent orphans of the heart

Where? Where is the friend? Where oh where is the beloved? There is such a longing for deep intimacy with another, to merge and to explore the mysteries of union. I want to share my burning, you call out! You are ready to remove any remaining clothing and separation, swimming deep in the ocean of love where two hearts are revealed to be one.

In response to this most primordial cry, sadness rushes onto the scene: but when will you practice intimacy with me? Loneliness is next, pleading for loving attention. Anger, despair, grief, self-loathing, confusion, jealousy, fear and shame – us too! Out of your yearning for intimate communion, these primordial friends and translucent orphans of the heart respond, seeking just one moment of your embodied presence, tender communion, and the light of your holding and awareness.

To the degree you are intimate with the unwanted within, it is to this degree that you are able to be intimate with another and with all of life around you. If you have not provided shelter for the unmet inside you, how will you ever contain the darkness and the light of the beloved?

Artist unknown