Sunday, December 21, 2014

By some wild grace, a new solstice has been given

Somehow, by some wild grace, a new solstice has been given. One more opportunity has been offered to know the activity of love as it emerges into this rare world of time and space. While we may never know for sure, perhaps this is the only star of love, where the journey here is not so much about how to get more for me, about how to complete some mythical spiritual journey, about how to wiggle into some 'higher dimension,' about how to 'get to God,' or about how to travel from 'here to there.'

Perhaps the gift of the beloved, as she takes form as the miracle solstice, is to unfold the journey from 'there to here,' to reveal how love will make use of this body, of these words, of these senses, of these arms to touch and hold another. About how love will weave itself into the cells of this heart, the strands of this DNA, and into the synapses of this brain so that it may set this world ablaze with its light.

May you take the risk on this day to see how precious it really is here, to dare to see that your body and your senses are pure revelation, crafted of the stars. And to do whatever you can to help others – to speak kindness to them, to hold them close, to listen carefully, and to love them with all of your heart. Allow the beloved to disassemble you, to dissolve everything that is less than whole within you, and to illuminate your holy tenderness. For this is your gift to the world.

Allow yourself to be taken to the ground by the solstice sunrise, by the drippy transmission of the moon, by the lunar revelations of the oceans and the rivers, and by the rare opportunity to know the color blue for the first time. Enter the phenomenal world as you would your sweetest lover and fall into the miracle that is forming around you. 

But please know that this opportunity is only being offered in this very moment. There is no tomorrow. There is no future solstice, no future full moon to gaze at, and no future lover to play with. For we never know when the beloved will call us home.