Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A golden drop of pure love

Take just one moment on this new day and see that the beloved is alive. You are her mandala and wisdom-environment out of which she weaves the energies of separation and union. Through you, she sends forth her envoys of sensitivity, vulnerability, sadness, and bliss, tuning your body so that you may make use of both inner and outer nature to touch hearts around you. She has even called in her allies of the phenomenal world—including the colors, aromas, and majestic visions—so that you may know the radiance that you are. 

Out of the empty space of compassion you emerge as the one who has bears witness to the falling away of old dreams, playing in a pregnant field of hopelessness and deflation. There is no longer a bias for oneness over multiplicity, for joy over sorrow, or for light over dark, for you are equally committed to whatever appears, ready to transmute it into endless ways to show up and help others. The fantasies of any grace or 'awakening' coming into the future – or a life of resolved, certain invulnerability – has been washed away, replaced only by a burning longing for love to unfold here.

Whatever arises in your experience is none other than the path itself, revealed to be of the nature of raw, untamed, untainted, translucent awareness. You are a field of massive creativity. While everything in the inner and the outer continue to spin around and around, you remain astonished as your body is crafted as a vessel through which a golden drop of pure love may pour into this world, igniting a revolution in its wake.