Saturday, November 15, 2014

Into light

A great meeting has been assembled, and the abandoned pieces of your heart are the honored guests. The beloved is the host and has taken shape as a wild holding environment, using particles of love to reveal the wisdom buried within your confusion. She is a master of light and dark and will continue to seed your body with natural essence, unfolding and illuminating the mysteries of separation and union inside you. 

Stay intimate with your present somatic experience, as it unfolds according to blueprints of the violet ones as they reflect off the particles in the morning snow. Nothing is wrong. You are okay. You will never find more love for love is what you are. Open now to the beloved as he or she dawns in your heart. Slow down and see. Rest in awe at what is truly being offered here... in a star of love.

If the beloved revealed any more of her secrets, you would fall to the ground in astonishment. If it was shown to you any more clearly the majesty of the sacred world—and your part in it—your body would dissolve into light.