Sunday, November 16, 2014

Behold the golden blue grace

There are movements of somatic wisdom arising within you that contain very important information for your journey. If you will provide sanctuary for what is burning within, you will see that these are no ordinary messengers. They are harbingers of integration, sent from beyond to reveal the wholeness that is the signature of this dimension.

Nothing is missing, nothing is out of place, nothing need be sent away. While it may seem otherwise, there is no urgent action which needs to be taken. It may appear that you need to quickly resolve your loneliness, your sadness, your grief, and your heartbreak. But these have come as emissaries of wisdom. Please don't turn away.

Give yourself the gift of just one sacred pause. Touch your embodied experience with just one moment of your loving awareness. Lay your hands on your heart and make the commitment to no longer abandon yourself. Your experience is revelatory, exactly as it is, though it may not be easy.

Take just one moment to see how rare and precious this opportunity is, that the beloved has offered as the radiant here and now. And allow the golden blue grace of the new winter morning to reveal the wisdom and the creativity that is attempting to break through, as you.


  1. Matt - This is truly beautiful. And as this morning unfolded with a fury of pain, anger, heartache, resentment, despair, hopelessness, shame...well, reading this was rather a shock. Such love, compassion, and deep acceptance. And trust. These are not experiences which seem even remotely possible in my own world right now. I am so filled with years and years of dealing with my own self-hatred and disappointment that, even though I want to, I don't believe what you describe so beautifully is actually possible for me. I do abandon myself...over and over and over...and in those sweet moments with the help of my therapist, when I can feel my heart soften and open...well, they are only fleeting glimpses of what seems to be out of reach on my own.

    1. Dear friend, thank you for your heartfelt comment. The path of love - and that of metabolization by love - is a practice, not a goal, and an aspiration, that in my experience can only be made in each radiant here and now moment. For each of us there are feelings, emotions, and sensations which we very intelligently split off and dissociated from as young children in our families of origin, in order to maintain that critical tie to our caregivers. As adults, as we begin to re-embody to that rich darkness within, we will likely be met with waves of survival-level panic and anxiety. We can go slow, start right where we are, and with tremendous kindness begin to meet these ancient companions, who have only ever been here on our side. Lots of love friend.