Saturday, October 18, 2014

A moment with Shiva...

Wandering, broken open, heart falling apart, some things never change... circa autumn 1992, Manikaran, Northern India... with love (thank you to my sweet friend Raina for sharing the memory with me). 

This yogi was so sweet and nurturing to me. We were just sort of living in the woods and he would always be up before me, making chapati and feeding me. I never saw him eat (apparently he had a few teaspoons of milk and rice every day for the last 50+ years; he was allegedly around 80) but he made sure the crazy blue eyed white boy was fed and loved and cared for.... so precious. 

The yogi and i (i never knew his name but he became my best eternal friend, we loved each other truly) walked/ bused to Khirganga where there is a meadow that Shiva apparently meditated for 3000 years. at the end of the road, there are some of the most amazing hot springs ever. he clearly felt we were being held in the mandala of Shiva during our time together...


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