Saturday, July 5, 2014

There is no miracle greater than this

Friend, you will never find more love, for love is what you are. It is not waiting around the corner in some dreamed up future or coming as the result of a weary, worn out search. It is the very substance of your nervous system, organs, and cells, and forming as the grace material of the synapses firing in your miracle brain. It is what allows you to receive the transmission of the purple in the sky, to meet the longing of the birds at dawn, and to allow the wind to penetrate and enter inside you.

Look carefully for love is emerging in the resplendency of the here and now as your arms when you hold another close to you. It is appearing as your heart when you attune to the unfolding of another's present experience, allowing it to be exactly as it is. It is surfacing as your words when you speak kindness and as your tongue as you taste the honey-nectar of the beloved as it arrives by way of the body of your sweet lover.

Somehow, by some outrageous grace, a new day has been given. There is no greater miracle than this. Allow yourself to receive the benediction of pure presence, for it is your birthright. It is wired inside you and yearning to erupt from your totally untamed wildness. For when it does, an avalanche of clear beauty is unleashed, sending love stories, wild music, and sweet poetry into the stars and supernovas, seeding the galaxies with your unique light.