Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Into the bedroom of loving presence

There is such a longing for deep intimacy with another. I want to share the journey, you call out, to give and receive sweet love, and travel with a sacred friend into the wild burning within. You are ready to unlock the sacred vessel and swim deeply in that ocean where two hearts merge as one. For in this holy water it is revealed that you and the beloved have been inside one another all along. 

In response to this most primordial cry, sadness rushes onto the scene, screaming and ripping off her gown: "But when will you become intimate with me?" Loneliness arrives next, tearing her hair out: "Yes, me, too!" Anger, despair, grief, confusion, and shame—they all line up for their turn, pleading to accompany you into the bedroom of loving presence. These ones are also seeking union and the light of your tender holding and awareness.

Friend, to the degree you are intimate with the unwanted within, it is to this degree that you will be able to be intimate with another. If you have not woven a sanctuary for the darkness inside you, how will you ever hold and transmute the darkness of the beloved?