Sunday, June 29, 2014

For it is only through wild attunement

As we descend
below the storyline
and into the raw sensations
of somatic brilliance,
we may discover
that there is no suffering
inherent in the naked embrace
of sadness, hopelessness,
loneliness, and confusion.

For it is only
in the abandonment
of present experience
that suffering can take root
in our lives.

Though we may never fully understand,
the beloved will do anything
to reach us—to open and hold
the fragile radiance that we are.
As we open our senses
to the majesty that is forming
in the here and now,
we may find ourselves astonished
at the overflowing, full-spectrum
nature of her activity.

Let us proclaim together
that it is not an error
that we've been born
as sensitive human beings,
with raw and sometimes
broken-open hearts.

We need not 'fix' our vulnerability
or cover up our tenderness.
For it is only through wild attunement
to ripe bodies everywhere
that love is able to find
safe passage
in this world.