Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Behold the unfolding of unknown, pregnant creativity

At times,
the journey
will reveal itself
as the lonely path
of disappointment.

When the beloved appears
as the unraveling
of egoic process,
you lose your enchantment
with who you thought
you were,
and with everything
you thought
you knew. 

If you will enter
into communion
with this holy deflation,
it will unleash your connection
with the earth, with your body,
and with the reality
that love will never conform
to your hopes and fears. 

For it is the dissolving
of the known—
and the unfolding
of unknown,
pregnant creativity—
that is the essence,
of the beloved.  

Photo of the skies opening up for the beloved one, over my precious Boulder, by David Khaykin