Sunday, June 1, 2014

As long as you have a heart you are at risk of heartbreak

As long as you have a heart you are at risk of heartbreak. You need not apologize for your tender sensitivity or for your vulnerability any longer; for they are the gifts that you bring into this special realm. They are the ways you and the beloved play with one another and it is through this dance and the way you make love with the phenomenal world that light is able to make its way here.

As your heart opens, you might as well prepare to feel more, not less, for love will never ask you to transcend this human form, this grace-body, or the majesty of the sensual world. There is only one cry now, friend: Come closer. Give your heart to others and to this weary world. Mingle your essence with the particles of love around you. Offer your tenderness to the trees and the birds and the water and the moon.

Please don't hold back any longer! For it is only through your precious heart that love can find safe passage into this special grace world we have somehow found ourselves in.