Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Shelter for the unwanted

Where? Where is the Friend? Where oh where is the Beloved? There is such a longing for deep intimacy with another. I want to share my burning, you call out! You are ready to unlock the sacred vessel and swim into eternity in the ocean of your heart—and another’s—entering that place where they have always been one in union.

In response to this most primordial cry, sadness rushes onto the scene: but when will you become intimate with me? Loneliness is next; yes, me, too! Anger, despair, grief, confusion, and shame—they all line up for just one moment of your loving presence. These ones are also seeking union and the light of your holding and awareness.

Friend, there is always something within you asking to be met. What is that for you now? And will you let this one in, out of the cold, and into the warmth of your one wild heart? Will you make an unconditional commitment to no longer abandon these sacred movements within you? And turn toward them to discover the unique translucence that they offer? 

To the degree you are intimate with the unwanted within, it is to this degree that you are able to be intimate with another. If you have not provided shelter for the darkness inside you, how will you ever hold the darkness of the Beloved?