Friday, May 23, 2014

In any moment, she will steal your breath away

This life is so precious, friend, and will end soon. Please give everything to know the essence of love, and give even more to help others do the same, in any way you possibly can. 

There is so much support for you here, pouring in from the unseen world, dripping into your one, wild heart—secret blessings from the stars, the moon, the water, and the blooming lilies; even from the color blue if you will share your essence with it, and allow it to break you open to its majestic transmission.  

Listen carefully for the birdsong on this new day, as it has been sent from beyond to unfold within you the untamed activity of the beloved, crafting you into a translucent vessel for the safe passage of sweet love in this world. In any moment, she will steal your breath away in pure revelation of what is truly possible here. 

Stay close to your embodied, present experience for it is revealing the nature of the path at all times. Please remember how sacred it is here and how rare it is to have taken birth in a mandala where love is alive. For we never know if we will have this opportunity again.