Saturday, April 5, 2014

The vessel through which love comes out of the stars and into this world

In the forest of the open heart is a portal to the unseen. If you enter here, you will meet the gooey moss, the loving tree-friends, and the blissful rotting logs. They will be your companions on the journey home. If you listen carefully, you will hear the singing of the birds who have taken up residence within, but these sounds have never been heard until now. Something is happening, and it is burning up the conceptual world. 

The beloved is wild, naked, and dancing in these woods, the wisdom-environment from which she weaves the energies of separation and union. She is sending forth her emissaries of sensitivity, vulnerability, sadness, and bliss, tuning your body so that you may open hearts everywhere. She has even called in her allies of the phenomenal world—including the colors, fragrances, and majestic visions—so that you may know the wholeness that you are. 

Friend, will you please consider that what is happening here is not always what it seems?  

Out of this forest emerges the yogini who has renounced all hope and fear. There is no longer a bias for oneness over multiplicity, for joy over sorrow, or for light over dark, for she is equally committed to whatever appears, and ready to transmute it into skillful means to help others. She has set aside all chasing of "higher" states of consciousness, dreams of awakening, and fantasies of a life of invulnerability. 

Whatever arises in her experience is none other than the path itself, revealed to be of the nature of untainted, translucent awareness. While everything in the inner and the outer continue to spin around her, she remains astonished as her body is crafted as a vessel through which the stars may drip pure love into this world. 


  1. I've just discovered this quiet thoughtful space on the internet and I've been coming back to it each day since over the last week. There is no certainty here, no easy answers, no blissful path and that's why I've come back to it because I've tried certainty, and paths to bliss and joy and I've found they're only part of the truth. I seem to be finding that the real truth is that life is quite messy and that I must have faith that "the way" is happening anyway. It's not even that I 'must' have faith- I can't help this deep response in me that, despite the mess and confusion, all is profoundly well with the world and all is as it should be.

    1. Dear Eve's dad, it's nice to hear from you friend, and thank you for sharing your experience and journey in such an open way. In my experience, yes, sometimes faith is naturally there and sometimes it is not; sometimes hope is shining and sometimes it is not. But whatever is there, we can embrace it as path, no longer willing to abandon ourselves, to argue with reality, but to care so much we will allow it all to touch us. And seeing that our freedom and openness to love will arise not out of ensuring that certain feelings are there and others are not, but out of a radical, unconditional commitment to the actuality of our immediate embodied experience. Take care, my friend.