Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Please honor your aloneness

The experience of aloneness is one that is very misunderstood in our world. But it comes to purify, to burn away everything that is less than whole within us. It comes revealing the holy truth that despite our profound connection with others, this journey is for us to make alone.

Paradoxically, it is only when we fully embrace our aloneness that our heart connection with others and with the sacred world can be revealed.

Please honor your aloneness—and hold it tenderly as your sweet lover—for it is has been placed inside you by the beloved one to draw you nearer to her. 

Photo by Andrey Balabasov 


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  1. This was just the reminder I needed when asked to spend time with friends during the one time I had to myself this weekend. I *wanted* to go but knew that it wouldn't serve me. I listened to my heart and had a wonderful time caring for myself. Thanks!