Saturday, February 8, 2014

Through the portal of vulnerability

If you wish to know the secrets of loving and being loved, open the portal of vulnerability and step inside. 

All of your experience is valid, of the nature of radical creative wisdom, and is none other than the translucent pathway pointing you home. With just one sacred pause, as you let go of the movement to heal, transform, or change, these mysteries will be revealed. There is no need to hold it together any longer. Fall apart into the warmth of your own heart and behold the golden blue grace as it pours into this special love-place. 

Soften to your present experience and touch this world with your tenderness. This is your gift to others and why you have come here. Your sadness, your aloneness, and even your confusion are pathways of illumination, if you will weave a sanctuary for them inside you. 

Surround your panic, your anxiety, and your fear in a womb of kindness and expose your wild heart to this world. Take the risk that love always demands, for if you do, the galaxies, the stars, and the moon will rejoice in your natural radiance. Even the reds and the organges in the sky will emerge as your lovers. 

Dare to see that success and failure are equally path, that nothing is out of place here, and the beloved is alive in the center of your experience at all times. For she is wired into the cells of your heart into eternity.