Friday, February 21, 2014

Look carefully and you will see her everywhere

You are the great space in which everything comes and goes. There is so much room in you for sadness to dance, for despair to play, for anger to roam, and for hopelessness to explore. 

See that even during difficult times, when the light is nowhere to be found and the darkness is overwhelming, that you are being held. You are being initiated and being shown how infinite you really are. 

While it may appear you have been abandoned and left to find love on your own, the beloved is always here, though at times she must come in disguise in order to unlock the essence-wisdom within you. She is swirling the particles of love into the pinks, the purples, and oranges from the unseen places, so that just one true glance is enough to take you to the ground in astonishment. Look carefully and you will see her everywhere. 

Yes, she will appear even as the loneliness which has come to color your experience, for it is in your broken openness that she comes alive, and is able to weave her instruments of separation and union into the strands of time and space. 

It is only through your wild vulnerability and raw, burning tenderness that she is able to invoke the magic of the sacred world. 

Photo by Gordon Wolford