Sunday, February 23, 2014

Let yourself be astonished

“The seeker should not stop until he finds. When he does find, he will be disturbed. After being disturbed, he will be astonished. Then he will reign over everything.” These words, said by Jesus, open the great Gospel of Thomas.

Will you consider for a moment that things here are not as they seem? That what you actually are is utterly sacred? That this world, your senses, your feelings, your emotions, your body – that these are revelations of unprecedented grace?

Inside your confusion, in the center of your anxiety, buried within your disturbance, and shining out of the darkness is the same wisdom that keeps the stars from falling out of the sky. The creativity that has assembled as you and your life is unfathomable.

Let this life touch you, break you open, and show you the wholeness that you are. You will be astonished by what you find. 

Gorgeous photo by Beth Moon