Monday, February 17, 2014

A firestorm of creativity

You long to be loved, to be seen, but please know that the implications of this are immense, and are cosmic in proportion. To allow yourself to be truly loved a part of you must die. Everything you thought you weren’t must be surrendered. Every strategy you have ever cultivated to stay safe must burn away in love's transforming flames, including even the great spiritual ones. You must see for yourself if this is what you truly want.

As you step into the unknown—for this is what love will always demand—you will be asked to let go of the stories of the unlovable one, the sad one, the imperfect one, and the broken one, and to see very carefully the many benefits you are still receiving by holding onto these ways of being in the world and relating with others. You must even say goodbye to the awakened one, and how especially this identify is yet one more barrier between you and love, between you and the wild aliveness of the heart.

The movement of love is that of a sacred thief, come to remove your clothing and your concepts, and to burn away everything that is false and less than whole within you. And when it is done all that will be left is a raging firestorm of creativity, sensuality, openness, warmth, and kindness. For this is what you are.

Love will never stop until you know this.

Photo: Maroon Bells and the great holding space of our Milky Way, near Aspen, taken by Brad McGinley