Wednesday, January 8, 2014

For these are no ordinary messengers

There are movements of somatic wisdom arising within you that contain very important information for your journey. If you will provide shelter for what is burning within, you will see that these are no ordinary messengers. They are harbingers of integration, sent from beyond to reveal the wholeness that is the signature of this dimension.

Nothing is missing, nothing is out of place, nothing need be sent away. Inside your body, in the center of your emotions, in the core of your somatic experience the sacred world is wild and alive. You have been brought to right here and right now, for this. 

Photo: winter glory from near the CU Campus, Boulder

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  1. Thanks for this one. Succinct. It also gives me the confirmation of this experience of working through the deep parts (like unworthiness or facing into my own shadow aspect around rage and anger ) by setting the story aside and just allowing the rest to keep surfacing somatically; to trust and know that the whole being is working it out at this point and that I will know when there needs to be a stop along the way for more story/words/inquiry/insight. It is so on the edge of what is acceptable to my ego...this process you have you here mirroring this truth-of-process so to speak really is a gift. This month, Adya's 4$ download called t"he three committments" and this piece here, for me, are a perfect compliment: both being a container as I integrate some recent work of braving the unworthiness and anger/rage branch of this tree of life called my being. I love reading your stuff Matt. Sometimes it feels repatative and also sort of cyclical but then it also is such a dear dear freind and these pearls arise. You are brave and vulnerable to post so consistently. Why would I want a pearl everytime anyway? The sense of repeatition bathes me Makes the ah ha's here really special. Blessings on you from Vermont, Eve