Thursday, January 2, 2014

An illuminated sanctuary for your emotional world

Your emotions are carriers of wild wisdom, but cannot unleash their creativity unless you craft an illuminated sanctuary for them. This sanctuary is one that you will create with particles of loving-kindness.

Inside the core of your anger is crystal clarity. And in the center of your fear a courageous freedom is buried, seeking the light of your loving awareness. Your sadness is made of atoms of compassion, and your despair is filled with raging possibility. Hold your embodied reality in the field of your translucent presence and watch love light this world on fire.

Stay close to your somatic-emotional unfolding as it is none other than the golden path of integration, sent into this dimension to show the moon, the forests, the snow, and the stars something they never knew about the nature of love.

Your experience is arising not so that it can be healed, transformed, changed, or interpreted, but so that you may finally make love with it, revealing itself as your sweetest, most tender lover. Stay close, see that nothing has gone wrong, and weave a radical intimacy into the very fabric of this weary world.