Saturday, December 21, 2013

There is so much wisdom in your heartbreak

Your pain is intelligent. This is the lion's roar of the open heart, and is being revealed to you now as the secret essence.

As you descend below the storylines of your life and into the raw sensations of your body, you may discover that there is no suffering inherent in the experience of sadness, confusion, aloneness, and despair. For it is only in the abandonment of your present experience that suffering can take root in this world.

There is so much wisdom in your heartbreak, if you will stay with it, and if you will allow it to reveal the purifying creativity of the burning within you. Take the risk, friends, to see how precious it really is here. Remove the burden you have placed on yourself and others to hold it all together. Allow love to take you apart and give yourself to your holy tenderness. My god there is so much grace here.

Allow yourself to be taken to the ground by the sunset, by the drippy transmission of the moon, and by the rare opportunity to know the color blue for the first time. Enter the phenomenal world as you would your sweetest lover and fall into the miracle that is forming around you.