Friday, December 6, 2013

Behold the jewels hidden in the darkness

Your confusion is not pathology, it is path. It has something to reveal to you that clarity and certainty could never, ever show you. The nature of confusion is wisdom, but you must make a home for it within you to receive the jewels hidden in the darkness. 

Your feeling of disconnection is not neurotic, it is intelligent. It has something to reveal to you that oneness could never, ever show you. If you will allow it to unfold in the space of your loving awareness, resisting the temptation to abandon it out in the cold, it will illuminate the essence of your one, wild heart. 

Your sadness, your loneliness, and your disappointment are not mistakes, and are not obstacles on your path. They are the path, and are golden portals into the sacred. The freedom you long for will never be found in the eradication of the unwanted, but only in the revelation of the love it carries.



  1. Thank you Matt, your loving words touch me deeply... When I'm desperate I come here to read your poetry and wisdom and it helps me to see things differently, gives me courage... realizing being broken is not "wrong", the sadness, the loneliness are not mistakes, but a path... Your words bring love and light to dark hours and for that I'm truly grateful.

    1. Thank you, Kerstin, for your kind words and for opening your heart here. I wish you the very best on your journey, my friend; please stay in touch. Lots of love...