Friday, December 13, 2013

Behold the golden blue pathways home

Though it can be so hard to hold sometimes, you are seeing that love has not come to provide resolution to your burning, but to show you how alive you really are. 

Though at times you feel weary on the journey, you are witnessing the unfolding of the most radical commitment: to stay with your immediate embodied experience, as it is, and to behold its natural perfection. You are seeing that whatever arises within you is of the nature of luminous wisdom, an untamed sort of creativity, and is utterly valid. You are taking a sacred vow to no longer abandon your wild, precious heart, and to receive whatever appears there within an illuminated holding field of kindness. 

Though you know that there may always be longing, pain, heartbreak, and sadness, you also know the only choice is to allow love to burn. You will allow your heart to feel the preciousness of this world, and you will give your heart to others. For this is why you have come here. 

Looking up into the sunset on a timeless winter afternoon, you know that at any moment your heart may break, that you may fall in love in the most excruciating way, or that you will be met with deep waves of the most raw and tender sadness, loneliness, grief, and sorrow. You will no longer turn from your sensitivity, from the wild intelligence of your body, and from your most sacred vulnerability, for you are seeing that these are your golden blue pathways home. 

Photo credit: Marc Adamus, from the south ridge of Oregon's Three Fingered Jack peak -