Friday, December 20, 2013

A golden doorway

As you turn toward the wisdom of your present experience, you may gradually come to see that everything here is path, that nothing is out of place, and that the phenomenal world is always on your side. Though it may seem otherwise, your immediate, embodied experience - exactly as it is - is at all times delivering upon you a golden doorway out of the dense forests of spiritual materialism and into the pure realm of the heart. 

You don't really know when this life will be returned to the beloved one. It may be coming soon. Open your heart, friend, and allow another to touch you. Be willing to see that love is not something you will find one day, as a result of your weary search. For this search has exhausted you and your precious heart. 

You will never find love because love is what you are. It is taking shape as your eyes when you behold the beauty of another, as your words when you speak kindness, and as your arms as you touch, hold, and caress another with your sweetness. 

Take the risk of love and allow everyone and everything to matter to you. Honor this rare birth you have taken in a star-world where love is alive. It is so precious here. Give your life to know this. 

Photo: the majestic golden doorway at Pfeiffer Beach, Big Sur. Copyright Jason Branz.