Thursday, November 21, 2013

You were looking elsewhere, but she is drawn to your burning

Right in the center of the hopelessness, right when all was thought to be lost, you hear a whisper: come closer. It is the call of the beloved, she has found you, but in ways that you might never expect. She has not come to bestow that which you already know, but to craft you as a vessel of the unknown. 

The creativity here is immense, though it may not always feel good. You are in the process of being shown everything that has up until now been unresolved within you, so that it you may metabolize together the particles of love within you. You are starting to see clearly now that you are the luminous vastness in which all feelings come and go, and that is within the environment of your loving awareness that your somatic-emotional world will unfold, illuminate, and transform. 

The beloved has sent her emissaries inside your sadness, planted them in the core of your despair, and hidden them in the inner sanctum of your confusion. But you never thought she’d be so alive there. You were looking elsewhere, but she is drawn to your burning. It is there you will do your sacred work together.