Tuesday, November 19, 2013

New "A Healing Space" facebook group

Dear friends, I want to let you know of a new facebook group which has been created by Molly Wavra, to explore in a more intimate setting my writings and the depths of your own personal lived experience. In order to provide a safe space and home for your own vulnerability and deepest longings, the group will not be “open,” at least for now. Additionally, the group will be kept “secret,” meaning only other members of the group will be able to view your posts and comments; they will not appear in any public area of facebook, even via the feeds of your friends. If you are interested in joining, please visit the group's home page

I will continue writing and dialoguing here on my personal page, primarily, but will also stop by and participate in the group from time to time. In speaking with Molly, the vision for this new group is to encourage and support a more intimate and personal dialogue and conversation about the unfolding of your own heart and experience. We would love to have those of you join the group who feel called to go deeper with this work and to share your experience with your fellow travelers.

Here is the official description of the group, posted at the group’s home page:

The purpose of this group is to provide a warm, loving, and provocative space for the mysteries of your heart to unfold. You are encouraged to share the depth of your experience here in all its glory – the painful, the confusing, and the joyous – and to offer yourself to the endless and infinite dimension of love that is unfolding within you right now.

This community is an exploration of the writings of Matt Licata, however it functions independently and is not, in any way, an official extension of Matt's professional work as a therapist or author. Molly Wavra, with Matt's permission and blessing, is the admin for this group but it is always recognized that these words and these concepts are only fingers pointing at the moon which will only ever be revealed inside your own heart. We hope this forum becomes a place that you can bring all of yourself, where you can be vulnerable, take a risk, and share yourself with your fellow travelers. To this end, the group is set up as 'secret' only to provide a sacred container for this journey, exclusivity is not the goal.

In order to maintain the intention of safety, authenticity and openness, it is asked that all member respect each other's comfort and vulnerability. While open and raw sharing is encouraged, this is not the place for unsolicited advice, criticism, romantic/sexual overtures, ideological righteousness or judgment, etc. Additionally, marketing of products/services/events is strongly discouraged and will be deleted by the admin.


My welcome letter to the group on our first night together:

Friends, love is alive! 
I’m sitting outside looking up at the moon and in awe of your heart and commitment to this endless journey of polishing the heart. In Sufism, they speak of the importance of the “friend,” or what I also refer to as the beloved – that aspect of the phenomenal or unseen world that appears at just the right time, in just the right way, to reveal to you the essence of the inside of your own heart. 

You have each appeared here, reflecting the friend within one another. 

I’d like to thank all of you – and to thank my special friend Molly – for being here and for caring so much about this world and about your own unfolding. This work is not easy and requires that you be willing to enter deeply into your own vulnerability, stay embodied, and to create a home for even that which is unwanted within you. You are being asked to move out of the known and into the unknown now – which is simultaneously exhilarating and terrifying. But please know there is support for you, from the external and from the unseen worlds, that will always be there to meet you, but in ways you may never understand. 

This journey requires the most radical trust in the validity of your own direct experience, knowing that whatever arises is path, not pathology, and has been sent by the beloved one as a portal through which to take you home. And above all, it requires an absolute and unconditional commitment to kindness, that whatever arises in your experience you will meet with kindness and holding. This work is deeply counter-instinctual and requires everything you have, and even more. But offers fruits beyond this world. 

I really wish you all the best and invite you now to go into your burning and your longing, for it is your guide home. See now that everything around you, everyone in your life, and everything that has ever happened to you has led up to this moment. Your guides are all around you – your sadness, your sorrow, your despair, your joy, your bliss, your utter heartbreak. Turn toward these friends now, and behold their blessing. All my love…