Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Your lovers are everywhere

When will it happen for me?
When will the great shift occur?  
When will the darkness lift?

When will I get awakened?
When will I feel less vulnerable?
I’ve been at this for so long.

When will the yucky, messy, gooey, sticky, “non-spiritual” thoughts, feelings, emotions, and experiences go away, and when will the yummy, safe, certain, secure, “powerful,” mystical, super awesome blissful divine spiritually enlightened thoughts, feelings, emotions, and experiences come and stay forever? 

Friends, will you please rest? Will you take just one moment, fall to the ground, give up, and set aside the frenetic scramble to be other than you are? Love would never ask you to abandon your present experience. It wants and needs you exactly as you are, so that it can ignite a revolution through you and into this world. It wants you cracked so the light can pour through.

Will you honor this sacred reality enough to… just… pause…? Will you look up into the autumn sky, take your shoes off and walk on the earth, and make contact with the aliveness around you? Will you feel the wild, alive, unprecedented movement of love as it taking shape as the display of your life, exactly as it is? Will you dare to see how nothing is out of place here, that no mistakes have been made? 

If you will let in the possibility that you are whole and complete as you are – and that your emotional world is a harbinger of wisdom and integration – you become a translucent vessel through which love can move in this world. If you will take the risk and see that you are not broken, that you have never been in need of fixing, and that your life is not a problem for you to solve, you will be instantly transported into the womb of the beloved. You are inside her heart, she has penetrated her essence all the way through you, and everywhere you look are your lovers, come to reveal how awake, alive, and whole you already are.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to change, to transform, to heal, or to be a better person. It is very natural to long for union and to know love as the organizing principle of this reality. Please, look carefully, though, for you are so close to the mystery: right in the center of your longing, buried in the core of your loneliness, hidden inside your cry for union, and oozing out of your tender vulnerability… oh, friends, you are so alive.

When you see that there is nothing that could ever be added to or subtracted from your natural perfection, your journey transforms into a cosmic dance with the beloved. Your seeking turns into play, and you remain awestruck at what love will do to unfold itself into your world.