Monday, September 2, 2013

You have found the path home, and it is your very own life

When you feel intense, disturbing energies surging within you, know that you are being offered an opportunity for integration. What have you yet been unwilling to allow into your heart?

In the tantric tradition it is said that chaos is “extremely good news.” When you are willing to make a home for your chaos, your confusion, and your anxiety, you step directly into the fires of transformation. You are in the unknown; it is vibrant, alive, and illuminated by a wild, uncontrollable creativity. Here, even the most disturbing parts of yourself are shown to be of the nature of love itself, filled with primordial wisdom.

When you step all the way in, when you risk being broken open by the movement of love, it is finally revealed that those parts you have shut out – the vulnerable, the scary, the un-spiritual, the imperfect, the unsafe – were never working against you after all. They were only love in disguise, sent as golden portals from beyond. You have found the path home, and it is your very own life, exactly as it is.