Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Inside the darkness is a light brighter than a thousand suns

Will you meet your own confusion,
touch the anxiety raging within you,
and provide a home for your sadness?
For if you will not, who will?

You are longing to be what you are;
you are now given permission.

Love is not seeking to cure you,
transform you, or to heal you,
for you are already whole as you are.

Things here in this world
are not always as they appear.
For even inside the darkness
there is a light brighter than a thousand suns. 

1 comment:

  1. Hi,

    I wonder why you so often say "thing are not as they appear".

    I hope I can always let the painful emotions and dark feelings move through me, so I don't think that those limiting thoughts are my present reality. Sometimes it is so intense, I call it a "darkness". It is awful and I"m sure it is bad for my health.

    Fortunately, the beach and being in nature helps neutralize some of these dark , limiting thoughts. In truth, at the present, I have nothing to worry about. Just lots of choices . . .and decisions that can overwhelm me.