Saturday, September 7, 2013

Look carefully, for particles of love are everywhere...

What would happen if the stars stopped shining, if the planets fell out of the sky, and the oceans dried up? If you will not see how precious you are, if you will not see that love has disguised itself as you and your life, this entire reality may just collapse upon itself.

Stop. Take pause. It requires only one moment to attune to what is really happening here. Things are rarely as they seem. Feel the intelligence moving through you. Breathe the sacred world into your heart and breathe out the creativity of the stars. Be willing to be touched and taken apart by the grace that is here.

You are not a project that must be worked on. You are not a problem which needs fixing. There is no grace coming in the future. There is no awakening around the corner. Love has exploded into this world and has taken shape as you, but you can only know this right now. It is waiting to see how you will move, what you will say, how you will touch another, how much risk you will take, how broken open you’ll allow yourself to be. Will you see how exquisite you are? Your body, your heart, your nervous system – these are erupting miracles, filled with an intelligence that the mind will never understand.

Your thoughts, your feelings, your emotions, your “ego,” your confusion, your fear, your anxiety, and your longing – these are love’s pathways. If you will follow them all the way into the core of your body, you will see them self-liberate, burst open, and reveal their blessed qualities of emptiness and luminosity. Pay careful attention as each has been given as a messenger from beyond, sent here to show you something very important about the nature of love. There is no mistake here. There is nothing to correct or fix. There is only your burning. All is path. All is alive. All is God.

Even when you call out, “God, why have you forsaken me?!” – when you are convinced no one is listening; when the confusion has become overwhelming; when the longing is a thundering storm inside you, see that this crying, this longing, this despair, this burning, and even this confusion itself – these *are* the return message. If you will make a home for these wild energies, they will reveal to you the astonishing truth that they are none other than the light of what you are; that they, too, are made of particles of love.

You are always seen, always heard, always being held, though things here in this world are rarely as they appear.

Please give everything to know this.