Saturday, August 17, 2013

Your vulnerability is your gift to the universe

Life is a series of invitations for you to fall apart, but were you ever together to begin with? There is a secret longing being born in you, calling out in a thunderous silence: Break open, resist the temptation to mend yourself, for you are whole. Your vulnerability is your gift to the universe.

Sadness, anxiety, loneliness, despair, confusion – right in the center of the messy sticky gooey world of ego, intimacy, emotion, and the body; these are my ways of reaching you, love pleads, of activating an wild, untamed chamber within your heart. Do not turn away. Come closer. Let me show you. I am coming to find you!

Resist the temptation to put yourself back together, for it is only through your broken-openness that love can finally reach you.


  1. Thank you so much for these writings (I just discovered them although I'm a Sounds True follower)

    I am so broken these days and longing to put myself "back together". This attempt on my part is not working. I am being called to stay broken, messy, vulnerable.


    1. I'm happy to hear from you here, Betsy. Yes, we are taught and otherwise conditioned (with plenty of fine intentions) that we are something which has been broken, that needs fixing. This heart, this body, this nervous system, was designed, though, to break open, to allow love to touch us in the deepest and most mysterious ways. It is not easy to stay so vulnerable, to allow love to work its way through us, but the fruits of doing so are beyond this world.

      Yes, my friend. It could never work; love would never allow it to work. There is no need to re-assemble yourself, for you are whole. And the light is only able to pour in through the cracks. You are whole in your messiness and in your wide open vulnerability. This is your gift to those around you and to this sacred world.

      Thank you for sharing your heart here. Lots of love, matt

  2. but what if someone takes advantage of your vulnerability?


  3. Hi Prada, the vulnerability I am speaking about, in large part, has more to do with an offering that you provide to yourself, to be willing to feel your vulnerability, those feelings, emotions, and sensations that we have all split off from along the way, usually for very good reasons. But until we meet, hold, and work through these parts of ourselves, we may always feel a bit flat, distant, and left longing for the aliveness, intimacy, and connection that is so important.

    As part of taking care of one's self, it is critical to learn how to assert our needs, to enact clear and effective boundaries, make use of healthy aggressive energy, learn to say NO, and so forth. If someone is taking advantage of you, then you must do whatever you are able to care for yourself, including if necessary leaving that relationship or situation. Each situation and relationship is unique and this is when anything offered here just remains on a very general level and is not able to address any specific situation. Depending on our how historic core vulnerabilities, attachment orientations, core organizing principles, etc. a more specific plan of action can then be taken.

    In sum, though, staying embodied to your own vulnerability does not in any way mean staying in an abusive relationship, just sticking around in the name of some sort of "spiritual growth" or anything like that. Part of honoring our vulnerability is standing up for ourselves, honoring our needs, and taking care of ourselves in ways that might feel quite new and challenging.

    Take care.