Friday, August 30, 2013

Your unlived life is always appearing before you

What is it that you have disowned in yourself? What is it that you will avoid feeling at all costs? What parts of you have you relegated into the shadows?

When you were a little boy or girl it was intelligent to split off from overwhelming experience and pieces of yourself that you could not integrate at the time. But these pieces are looking for you. They only want to show you their light and their wisdom, and be allowed back inside. They will continue to search for you, and will appear as your friends, your children, your lovers, your life circumstances, and even in the bird song that you hear in the morning. Look carefully as your unlived life is always appearing before you. Things here are rarely what they seem.

Love will find you if you will allow it, if you will take the risk of your heart breaking; and never, ever being put back together again.